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Role Call: Who Got Hired in Hollywood?

The stars of Step Brothers (2008) and Talledega Nights (2006) are reuniting for the new comedy Border Guards, Deadline reports. Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly will play "two hapless but earnest friends who decide to give purpose to their lives by protecting America's borders from illegal immigrants. In the process they find themselves accidentally stranded in Mexico without identification and must sneak back into the U.S."

Adam McKay, director of the comedy duo's two other films, is in line to direct the Sony Pictures movie. KEEP READING

WATCH: Seth Rogen Parodies 'Her'

Leave it to Seth Rogen to spoof an Oscar-nominated movie. While Scarlett Johansson is the voice in Spike Jonze's film Her, the This Is The End star also takes on the role of an operating system in Him. KEEP READING