EXCLUSIVE: Alex Rodriguez’s Daughters Idolize ‘Magical’ Jennifer Lopez: ‘They Want to Do What Jennifer Does’

Alex Rodriguez is opening up about his romance with “magical” Jennifer Lopez and the special bond she has developed with his daughters.

ET caught up with the former baseball pro after he took the new Kia Stinger for a spin at the Kia Stinger racing event at New York Fashion Week on Tuesday.

And while he may have lost the race to Victoria’s Secret Angel Candice Swanepoel -- “the fastest supermodel driver on the planet” -- he was looking forward to heading home and telling his girls, Ella and Natasha, that a woman “beat us all.”

But it’s another talented woman whom Rodriguez’s daughters are idolizing these days -- his gorgeous 48-year-old girlfriend, Lopez!

“My girls adore Jennifer,” Rodriguez, 42, shared. “She's a great role model and they want to do exactly what Jennifer does. They want to sing, they want to dance, they want to produce, they want to direct. A lot of people don't know she's also a great athlete and great business person, and for me, I'm the luckiest father in the world to be able to expose my beautiful daughters to someone as brilliant as Jennifer.”

Rodriguez even shared footage of Lopez, who also has two children from her marriage to singer Marc Anthony, helping Ella with singing lessons over the weekend.

“Jennifer actually said that she's very good, which as a father doesn't matter,” he said. “I always think they're great. But having that coming from Jennifer and Stevie, their coach -- it made my day.”

“When I'm in the car with Jennifer, I just drive,” he said. “I do what I'm told. It's like when I'm with my daughters, the same thing. They're just saying, ‘Daddy, drive. Play this.’”

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