EXCLUSIVE: Jessica Biel Reveals Why She 'Can't Compete' With Husband Justin Timberlake


Jessica Biel's first Emmys is already a success!

The 35-year-old actress killed it on the red carpet in a stunning Ralph & Russo Couture gown while walking the red carpet at the awards show in Los Angeles, California, on Sunday -- but admitted there's another area in which she just can't "compete" with her husband, Justin Timberlake. 

Photo: Getty Images

"I'm [usually], like, in terrible sweatpants, in a terrible T-shirt, with snot and, like, eye boogers," she confessed of her ritual preparing for the red carpet. "It's not a good look." 

"I literally said to my stylists, Rob and Mariel, 'What do you guys love?' They said, 'This one.' I said, 'OK. Let's wear it.' And we tried it on, we go, 'Oh yeah, duh. This is it,'" she added. 

The Sinner star is presenting at Sunday's awards show, but it's another recent TV appearance she just had to talk about -- when she recreated the Dirty Dancing lift on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. 

"Never!" she shouted when asked if Timberlake, who was in Brazil headlining Rock in Rio, was a little jealous of her performance. "I mean, come on. That man has better moves than anybody in the world. I can't compete with that! Let's get serious!"

"All the time in the pool, I'm like, 'Are you ready? Here I come! I'm gonna do it.' And he's like, 'Oh god, here we go again,'" she explained. "I'm like, 'Just suck it up and do it. You're now married to me, which means you have to do what I say, so here I come.' He's such a good dancer. I can't even come close to his skills, and that's the reality."

In fact, Timberlake has become so used to his wife's stunt that he doesn't mind if she practices with someone else. 

"Justin is not a jealous person," Biel insisted. "He's like, 'Go have fun. Enjoy. Do something amazing. Have fun, yes, come home and then we'll do it again, but you go have fun with Twitch!' He's so nice. He doesn't care."

See more on the couple in the video below.