'Duck Dynasty' Daughter Designing Prom Dresses

Photo: Getty Images
Here's something you probably thought you'd never hear before -- Duck Dynasty is getting into the fashion business?!
But it appears there's no end in sight for the Duck Dynasty phenomenon, as the hit A&E reality show's Sadie Robertson, 16, is teaming up with designer Sherri Hill to create a line of prom dresses.
Titled the "Sadie Robertson Live Original" collection, the line is said to future "retro-inspired" dresses that will obviously strive to appeal to teenage girls, but which will also be considered suitable according to her famous father Willie's protective standards -- no doubt the collection is inspired by a memorable Duck Dynasty episode, in which Willie and Sadie struggle to find a prom dress that they both like.
Sadie will also model her designs herself on the runway at Sherri Hill's New York Fashion Week on September 9.
The Sadie Robertson Live Original collection will be available next spring.