Jared Leto's Ripped Up Shirt Might Cost More Than Your TV

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On Sunday, actor and rock star Jared Leto went on a leisurely bike-ride around Lower Manhattan trying his best to hide in plain sight with long scraggly hair, a crisp black fedora and oddly baggy trousers.
The 42-year-old Oscar winner also rocked the kind of beard you grow when you've decided to give up looking for employment and have decided that life as a full-time online poker player is your fall-back job if selling things you "find" at a pawn shop doesn't pan out.
The piece de resistance to this getup is his amazingly hipster t-shirt with the words "enfants riches deprimes" printed across the chest. Translated from French, it means Depressed Rich Kids. It's from a line of clothes by a Los Angeles-based designer named Henri Alexander.
You can buy one for yourself if you don't mind dropping $195 dollars for a t-shirt with holes in it. According to the online shop, the shirt is "hand distressed" as well as "hand screen printed," and they assure you that it' 100% fine gauge cotton. So, you know, worth it!
Here's a list of other items priced at $195:
There are a million other things that will probably bring you more enjoyment, but that shirt certainly does look comfy. Also, try as you might to be cynical, it's hard to deny just how cool Leto looks in this ensemble. And sometimes, when you've won an Oscar, you get to treat yourself a little.
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