Turns Out J.Crew Models Are Just Really Drunk (at Least According to Our New Favorite Meme)

by John Boone 11:10 AM PDT, October 16, 2014
Photo: Tumblr

Every notice anything off about J.Crew models?

Apparently, beneath all those expensive clothes and the professionally styled hair and make-up, they’re just like the sloppy drunk friends you had in college. Except prettier — no offense to your college friends.

Photo: Tumblr

At least that’s what our new favorite Tumblr “Drunk J.Crew” deduced. The premise of the project is just asking this simple question, “Ever notice how drunk the models for J.Crew are?”

Photo: Tumblr

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They make a compelling case.

And we do know how much Jenna Lyons, J.Crew president and executive creative director, likes to take risks. Maybe drunk J.Crew is the new heroin chic?!

Photo: Tumblr

Or maybe it just proves that you can write things in a slurry drunk voice on any picture and it will never not be funny. Because c’mon, who hasn’t met this girl before? Though the one you met was probably wearing Forever 21.

Photo: Tumblr

We love it. It’s bold. It’s provocative. It’s fashion. It’s art.

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