7 Stars Dressed Like Everyday Appliances

Photo: Getty Images
On Monday night, formerBoy Meets World star Maitland Ward modeled a new super-sexy line of sheer gowns. From the back, little was left to the imagination, however the more censorable parts of Maitland's outfit were covered by white and black panels.
We couldn't help noticing that the two black triangles covering her lower torso seemed to bare an uncanny resemblance to an elevator call button.
In celebration of creativity, out-of-the-box designs and downright lunacy, let's take a look at some wild times when stars dressed like everyday appliances.
Jennifer Lopez as a Tropical Aquarium
Florence Welch Dressed Like an Early 2000s iMac G3
Claire Danes Looks Like a Banana Protector Case
Ashanti Dressed Up Like a 55" Flat Screen Plasma TV
Amber Rose Looking Like a Fancy Chandelier
Penelope Cruz Dressed as a Fire Extinguisher
There are always great red-carpet  looks, crazy red-carpet looks and super-sexy red carpet looks at every awards show in history. Sometimes, you're going to find a star who looks like a lamp or a fridge. It's just the law of averages.
You know who always looks good? Rachel McAdams. Check out this fashion rewind to see all her stunning styles.
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