Lindsay Lohan's New Clothing Line Is Called 'My Addiction'

Civil Clothing
Lindsay Lohan has no problem poking fun at herself.
The 28-year-old actress just launched a new capsule clothing collection with the brand Civil Clothing, and its name is certainly raising eyebrows. Calling the collection "My Addiction," Lindsay's obviously alluding to her well-publicized substance abuse problems, which has famously included going to rehab six times.
Available at PacSun, the affordable collection (a long-sleeved shirt retails for $34.95) includes men's shirts, socks and headwear, with some pieces even featuring Lindsay's image on them. The Mean Girls actress modeled some of the items herself, striking a few sexy poses in the baggy clothing.
This of course isn't Lindsay's first foray into fashion. Lindsay put out a collection of women's leggings called 6126 (the birth date of Lindsay's idol Marilyn Monroe) in 2008, but later sued apparel company DNAM Apparel for $1 million for reportedly stiffing her on a licensing fee. The company countersued for $5 million, claiming that her reputation severely damaged sales of the collection. They later settled out of court, with DNAM Apparel paying $150,000 to resolve the dispute.
... Let's hope her latest fashion endeavor goes much more smoothly.
"My Addiction" will be available in PacSun stores starting Dec. 12.
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