Joey Lawrence Debuts Unrecognizable Look at the People's Choice Awards

Photo: Getty Images
Looks like Joey Lawrence's new dramatic comb-over isn't the only thing different about him.
The 38-year old Melissa & Joey star turned plenty of heads Wednesday night at the People's Choice Awards in Los Angeles, where he shocked fans with his new, super-groomed look.
Aside from his striking light-blonde shade of hair and cut -- which some have already dubbed the #SadMacklemore -- he was also obviously very generous with the self-tanner, and sported a pair of perfectly shaped eyebrows that would give any Kardashian a run for their money.
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It's also hard not to notice his perfectly wrinkle-free face, which gives his skin an eerie porcelain doll look.
For reference, this is what Joey used to look like.
Photo: NBC
Are you feeling Joey's look for the new year?
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