Justin Bieber's Bulge Faces Photoshop Allegations

Calvin Klein
Update: On Saturday,BreatheHeavy.comremoved the alleged unphotoshopped image of Justin Bieber from their site and reported Bieber's team sent a cease and desist letter asking for the site to remove the photo and provide a retraction.
Did the magic of photoshop add a little extra to Justin Bieber's Calvin Klein underwear ads?
The website BreatheHeavy.comclaims that "someone connected" to the 20-year-old's CK photo shoot emailed them a picture before it was reportedly altered.
The alleged unphotoshopped image shows Bieber with a bigger head, smaller biceps and a reduced-sized bulge, when compared to the ads that were unveiled earlier this week.

Do you think Bieber's CK ad has been photoshopped? Marky Mark's wife certainly thinks so -- get caught up on all the Biebs drama in the video below.