Benedict Cumberbatch-Themed Leggings Are Totally Real & Totally Outrageous

Getty Images
It’s safe to say that Benedict Cumberbatch is having a zeitgeist moment. As the subject and inspiration for leggings created by Los Angeles clothing store, Poprageous, it’s hard not to recognize the pop phenomenon the 38-year-old actor has become.
Playing on the name assigned to Cumberbatch’s most loyal fans, Poprageous is selling a line of fashion accessories dubbed “Cumberbitch Leggings.” For $80, fans can wear “the flawlessness that is Benedict Cumberbatch all over yo bodeh.”
And it doesn’t stop there. The label is asking shoppers to show off how they rocked their new duds on Instagram with the hashtag, #PopCumberbitchLegz.

For all tha cumberbitches ? #popcumberbitchlegz

Ein von POPRAGEOUS (@poprageous) gepostetes Foto am

But seriously though, this is one fashion trend we’re so ready for in 2015.