These Handbags Look Like Cartoons Come to Life and Will Make Your Brain Freak Out

by John Boone 11:41 AM PDT, March 10, 2015
Photo: JumpFromPaper

Here’s the perfect mind-freak accessory to pair with #TheDress: These trippy cartoon-looking bags have been around for years now, but recently became popular again in this new wave of “OMG HOW DOES IT LOOK LIKE THAT?!?!” fashion.

Photo: JumpFromPaper

Because they look like clip art added in after the fact! Cool!

The bags are made by a Taiwanese company called JumpFromPaper and, as they explain on their website, are “an attempt to fulfill everyone’s childhood fantasy...[JumpFromPaper] encourages people to let their imagination go wild!”

Photo: JumpFromPaper

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The bags come with a pricetag in the ballpark of $80 to $150, with handbags and purses specifically marketed for women:

Photo: JumpFromPaper

But with backpacks and satchels that are easily unisex:

Photo: JumpFromPaper

(P.S. You can get a similar “2-D bag” for a fourth of the price on Amazon.)

Here’s a more candid pictures that shows how the bag looks like in real life:

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Just be warned: Someone who actually owns the bag posted in the comments over at Buzzfeed, “I have had one for a couple years, if you don't mind people stopping you on the street to take pictures, and don't actually need to carry more than a flat piece of paper and a single stick of gum, it's a great bag!”

Photo: JumpFromPaper

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