Did Kylie Jenner Steal Beyonce's Denim Look?

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Looks like Beyonce might have been jean jacked!
Kylie Jenner (or should we say Kylie JEAN-NER) stepped out in West Hollywood, Calif. wearing a tight, two-piece jean-on-jeans top-skirt combo, just two weeks after Beyonce made the statement herself! 
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To be fair, Queen Bey went with a much bolder look, opting to go braless and leave her top completely unbuttoned.

While there is certainly no shame in taking style tips from Beyonce, it's usually Kylie's sister Kim who the 17-year-old draws comparisons to with her outfits.

Do you think Kylie was influenced by Beyonce's look?
Check out Beyonce's flawless, braless brunch date by watching the video below!