Beyonce Goes Topless, Sends a 'Middle Finger' to Her Competition in New 'Flaunt' Spread

by Meredith B. Kile 3:37 PM PDT, September 09, 2015
Photo: Flaunt Magazine

Beyonce has graced us once again, this time with a poolside photoshoot along with a word association game that gives fans a closer look at her love of sangria and her "overpopulated" hair closet.

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As always, Queen Bey looks flawless in these new photos for Flaunt Magazine.

Photo: Flaunt Magazine

The magazine also "interviewed" Bey with a word association game, in which the performer said "stylish" is a matter of "opinion" and equated "confidence" with her daughter, Blue Ivy Carter.

Photo: Flaunt Magazine

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And the singer, who celebrated her 34th birthday on Sept. 4, was clearly still in summer mode while playing the word game, as she said the beach "is better" and associated "palm trees" with "sangria with extra fruit."

Photo: Flaunt Magazine

Bey’s pop culture references included Lin-Manuel Miranda's new hit musical Hamilton as Bey’s association for "theatre" and adding Janelle Monae’s lyrics to "yoga," writing, "Baby Bend Over."

Photo: Flaunt Magazine

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The singer also got real with some of her answers, adding "over-used" to "iconic," "heavy" to "power," and "underrated" to "politeness." But Bey made sure to give some playful answers as well, writing "sex tips" in for "cosmopolitan" and sending a "middle finger" and a smiley face to "competition."

Photo: Flaunt Magazine

Bow down, bitches.

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