Kylie Jenner Halloween Makeup and Hair Tutorial - Get Her Plumped Lips, Big Lashes and Teal Hair!

Halloween is just around the corner!
If you’re panicked about throwing together a last-minute costume – have no fear. YouTube superstar Kandee Johnson is lending her talents to ET and showing us how easy it is to get “Jenner-ized.”
Yep. The beauty and makeup guru transformed our Katie Krause into Kylie Jenner -- complete with teal hair tips and that majorly plumped pout.
The keys to achieving Kylie’s look are simple: flawless skin, full lips, doe eyes with giant lashes and peachy cheeks.
Watch our step-by-step tutorial above to learn how you can get the glamorous look in just a few easy steps.
We also broke it down simply below:
Easy Steps:
1. Apply all-over foundation and cover with powder
2. Use a peach-colored blush on your cheeks for a hint of color and subtle contour
3. Start with an ivory shimmer but add some drama with a splash of taupe-colored shadow
4. Line your eyes with black eyeliner – and go over it with a black shadow for a “smokier” effect
5. Use brow gel to create a defined, arched brow
6. Apply a 2-3 coats of mascara
7. Individual lashes are key: apply lashes on the outer corner of the eye first followed by stacking shorter lashes on top.
8. Use a taupe-rose colored lip liner -- make sure to really overdraw those lips!
9. Fill the lips in with a lighter liner – yes, lip liner!
10. Then, use a highlighter on the center of the lips for even more fullness.
11. WIG OUT!
Check out the video below for a tutorial on how to get Taylor Swift's 'Bad Blood' look for Halloween