Zoe Saldana Shows Off Insane Bikini Bod on the Beach

Less than a year after giving birth to twins, Guardians of the Galaxy star Zoe Saldana showed off her insane bikini bod in an Instagram shot on the beach with husband Marco Perego.
“#currentlyfeeling happy and blessed. Wishing you all the same!” Saldana, 37, captioned the tropical pic. “Les deseamos unas felices navidades! Buone Feste di Natale!”

The actress proudly showed off her post-baby bod on Instagram last week, fitting into one of her old Guardians costumes.
“Holy S---! You guys, I had to share this, this is one of the old #guardiansofthegalaxy costumes that I wore back in 2013,” she wrote. “After twins I can't believe I was able to slip into this….It pays off to work hard! I mean it mommies of the world, if I did it you can too.”
Saldana and her husband welcomed baby boys Bowie and Cy in January, and while the twins aren’t even a year old yet, they’re already ganging up on their parents.
“That's my purse BTW,” Saldana captioned a snap of the two teaming up for mischief in October. “They are figuring out a way to open it. These lads are only 10 months old, and they hustle us out of anything. #twinsarefun #twinning.”