The 13 Weirdest Looks From the Met Gala: Golden Eyebrows, 'Tron' Jackets and Upside-Down Gowns

The theme for this year's star-studded Met Gala was "Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology," meaning that many of the big-name celebs and style icons tried their hand at blending futurism and fashion.
For some, it worked wonderfully. For others, their outfits ended up looking like costumes from low-budget 1980s sci-fi movies. From awkward silver suits of armor to circuit board jackets, it seems the future of technology when it comes to clothing might look a lot like Tron.
But not every eyebrow-raising moment came from an overly-literal interpretation of the gala's theme. Some outfits were just plain weird, while others seemed to forget how clothes are even supposed to work. Here are a few of the weirdest styles, fashions and red-carpet choices made by the stars at this year's black-tie event.
1. Lady Gaga's Computer-Tastic Jacket (and Lion's Mane Wig)
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Lady Gaga either needs to try harder or just embrace the classy elegance she's been trying for the last few months. Once you've worn a meat dress, a circuit board jacket, giant wig and black underwear combo just isn't breaking new ground.
2. Kanye West's Disconcerting Blue Contacts
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The ice-blue contacts made him look like the villain from any movie about possessed lunatics.
3.'s Daft Punk Hat
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This is what happens when you strap a welding mask onto a bowler hat. It really takes away from the silver leaves growing along the arms of his suit.
4. Kim Kardashian's Robo-Suit
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The reality star took the Met Gala theme and ran with it. Unfortunately, she ran the wrong direction and ended up looking like the robot alien from The Day the Earth Stood Still.
5. Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry's Tamagotchi Obsession
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When these two lovebirds think "modern technology" the first thing that comes to mind is a pixelated keychain toy from the ‘90s.
6. Lily Aldridge's Golden Eyebrows
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There's nothing more futuristic than dying your eyebrows.
7. Madonna. Just Madonna.
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Everything about this is weird. The buttless chaps, the exposed breasts, the forehead jewelry -- all of it.
8. Solange Knowles' Upside-Down Dress
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It's like they forgot what direction a skirt was supposed to go, so it blocked her face for most of the gala.
9. Jared Leto's Fancy Vampire King Outfit
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Eschewing the all-black ensemble most vampires lean toward, the Suicide Squad star brought his trusty cane to the black-tie affair to show the world that vampire kings are not afraid of the sun, like we all assumed.
10. Diane von Furstenberg's Butterfly Conservation Efforts
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It's nice that the fashion designer raised the topic of the plight of American butterflies during her time on the red carpet. Next year, maybe she could wear some whales.
11. Lupita Nyong'o's Futuristic Jetsons 'Do
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Say what you will about this hair style (it's like a wacky version of Marge Simpson's beehive), Nyong'o is the only star who could still look that flat-out amazing with that kind of 'do.
12. Michelle Williams' Hacker Chic Look
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It looks like the Golden Globe winner is getting ready to hack the info-sphere and drop a Trojan horse virus onto the net-grid.
13. Rita Ora's Silver Phoenix Gown
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The "Black Widow" singer gave Bjork's infamous swan dress a run for its money when it comes to the "amount of total bird" her dress is made of. Actually, she looks like a sexier, more silvery Babette the feather duster from The Beauty and the Beast.