EXCLUSIVE: 'America's Next Top Model' Challenges Contestants on Music Video and Dancing Skills

Photo: VH1

It almost wouldn’t be America’s Next Top Model without some sort of music-related challenge.

While music -- singing or dancing in music videos -- doesn’t seem like an obvious area for a model to master, it’s become an intrinsic part of the long-running reality competition ever since creator Tyra Banks first made cycle two contestants compete to appear in the music video for her debut single, “Shake Ya Body.”

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In the many cycles since, the aspiring models have made viral videos -- which had to incorporate the all-important phrase: “pot ledom” -- , recorded their own tracks, had Brits face off with Americans in “Stop, Drop N Tooch,” and appear in Tyra Beauty ads featuring the “dab it dab it, dip it dip it, pat it pat it, click it click it” of Tyra’s underrated scatting skills. Then, there’s probably the greatest opening credits in Top Model history, which are really just a glorified music video-slash-homage to ‘80s films like Flashdance:

Now, on cycle 23, hosted by singer Rita Ora, Beyoncé’s choreographer Chris Grant challenges the models to create their own signature dance routine for a block party video shot -- in one take mind you -- by longtime music video director, Director X. And, of course, ET has your first look at Tatiana strutting her stuff to the amazement of judge Drew Elliott.