EXCLUSIVE: Will Arnett Talks New Comedy Show and Bittersweet Humor of 'BoJack Horseman'

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Will Arnett is one busy guy -- but it hasn’t stopped him from doing more!

Following the summer releases of Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, and his two Netflix series, BoJack Horseman and Flaked, the actor is now lending his star power and emcee skills to the new Audible series The Comedy Show Show.

Making its debut on Nov. 10, the weekly audio series gives listeners a hilarious all-access pass to the best live themed comedy shows around the country. The debut episode, “Schtick or Treat,” features spot-on impressions of Aziz Ansari and Joan Rivers. “It’s such a testament to how funny and strong the performers are,” Arnett tells ET about the impressive celebrity impersonations heard -- and not seen -- on the first episode.

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But the audio series is only the latest for the funny man audiences first fell in love with as G.O.B. Bluth on the Fox-turned-Netflix series Arrested Development, which creator Mitch Hurwitz said filming for a fifth season could begin in 2017. Arnett has two animated films coming in 2017, including the highly anticipated The Lego Batman Movie -- after watching the trailer, you’ll be excited too! -- as well as new seasons of both of his original Netflix series.

During a break from production, Arnett caught up with ET to share his thoughts on live stand-up, his appreciation for subtle humor and BoJack Horseman.

What impresses him most about the live stand-up featured on The Comedy Show Show:

“I generally don’t watch a lot of stand-up, but every time I do, I am always really impressed with how funny everyone is. For me, what always is a constant is people who do something that surprises you, that element of something that is sort of unusual. And by unusual, I don't mean finding a different way to say something or saying something that is dirty -- a dirty word or taboo is not necessarily hilarious to me -- but actually saying something clever and surprising in a way that you have to sort of pull that off.”

What he likes about BoJack Horseman’s comedic style:

“It has moments of punny word play, which I enjoy. But at the same time, we did a table read and a record for BoJack today and it was a funny episode and there were a lot of things going on, and then at the end, in the BoJack style, things happened that left a sort of a bittersweet taste in your mouth.”

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How age has influenced his comedic interests:

“I think that as I have gotten older, things that I want to write are probably getting subtler and subtler in a lot of ways, and I like things that have mixture of both comedy and drama. It kind of scratches an itch for me. It still is suggestive and I don't expect everybody to like it, and that is OK.”

Advice he has -- or rather, doesn’t have -- for other actors:

“My days of giving advice to people outside my kids are over. I will tell you this -- as my grandfather used to say: Free advice is worth what you pay for it.”

The latest update on Arrested Development:

[Laughs] “I don’t know anything!”

-- Additional reporting by Darla Murray