Gigi Hadid Loses a Heel in the Middle of NYFW Runway Show, Keeps Walking Like the Pro She Is
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No shoes, no problem! Gigi Hadid proved she’s a real professional on Monday while walking in the Anna Sui/BED|STU collaboration show at New York Fashion Week.

The 22-year-old supermodel strutted her stuff on the catwalk so well that it almost went unnoticed that she only had one heel on. 

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In her final look of the show, Gigi stepped out wearing a sparkly dress and feather-fringed jacket. Her feet were covered in short stocking socks, but only one had a platform heel on.

Gigi first walked the runway solo, walking on the ball of her right foot to create the illusion of a heel without a limp. 

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“Gigi Hadid lost a shoe and I barely noticed #Professional @annasui,” one wrote.

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