'Tower Heist' Cast: Who Could Pull off a Robbery?

As the Tower Heist cast premiered their highly-anticipated caper comedy, we couldn't resist asking: Which of the bunch could pull off a real-life heist? The answers may surprise you.
Without missing a beat, Tea Leoni fingered Casey Affleck. "Oh my god, he's like, creepy," said Leoni. "The guy can be really subtle. It's like all of a sudden, he's right there. Casey Affleck!"
In mock shock at Tea's claim, Casey denied he'd ever committed a crime in his life. "I wouldn't know where to begin," he explained. "I'm terrified of being breaking the rules."
Ben Stiller went the mysterious route, leaving us in the air with this statement: "I wouldn't tell you. You don't know that I haven't. Maybe I'll leave it at that."
Gabourey Sidibe wasn't shy about exposing her unlawful ways, admitting she's "actually pretty shady." When asked to clarify, Gaby tells us with a straight face she's guilty of stealing "scenes," and erupts in giggles.
Watch the video to hear who Eddie Murphy and Matthew Broderick believe could pull off the dastardly deed.
Tower Heist comes from Oscar-winning producer Brian Grazer and director Brett Ratner. Don't miss the thrilling and hilarious escapade when it hits theaters November 4.