Jake Gyllenhaal Is All for Being Set Up on Dates: 'I Absolutely Encourage It'
Getty Images

Jake Gyllenhaal isn't afraid of a blind date or two.

The 36-year-old actor is featured in the October issue of Elle magazine and admits that he doesn't mind being set up by his friends -- in fact, he champions the idea.

"People should do it more often. I absolutely encourage it," Gyllenhaal quips. "There should be more of that in my life."

However, he then implies that he might not have initially understood the question, adding, "When you said 'set you up,' I thought you meant for a prank."

"I think, as an artist, you’re trying to communicate with people you love," he explains. "It’s bound to be understood sometimes and confused other times. I’ve found that a lot."

One person that seems to get Gyllenhaal is his buddy and Life co-star, Ryan Reynolds. "There's a certain harmony that comes when we're both together," Reynolds told ET in March of their friendship. 

"It's a beauty that is unmatched pretty much anywhere, I would think," Gyllenhaal agreed. "Though Garth Brooks may try his hand, I don't think he would come close."