Tom Cruise 'Top Gun' Rewind

Tom Cruise has the need for speed! Top Gun vaulted Cruise to A-list star status in Hollywood 25 years ago with the adrenalin-fueled film produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and directed by Tony Scott-- and we were on the set of the blockbuster-to-be with Cruise, Val Kilmerand Anthony Edwards.
"The thing I learned about the military is that they're not pro-war, they're pro-freedom," Cruise told ET. "I mean, these guys don't want to go out there and kill and everything else."
In Top Gun, Cruise plays Maverick, a hot-shot pilot who gets the opportunity to train at the Navy's elite flight school, nicknamed Top Gun. There, he clashes with other pilots (including Val "Iceman" Kilmer) and falls for a beautiful civilian instructor (Kelly McGillis) while engaging the enemy in the skies above.
"They love to fly," said Cruise about the film's real-life inspirations. "This film is about excellence."
The Tom Cruise classic is celebrating its 25th anniversary Tuesday with a special edition Blu-ray that includes a six-part documentary; a survival training featurette; interviews with Cruise; inside the real Top Gun; four '80s music videos and more.