Bullock Felt 'Permanently Broken' After Divorce

Getty Images
It's no secret that 2010 was a rough year for Sandra Bullock, and as the actress recently revealed, her post-divorce hiatus from the big screen was intended to be quite a lengthy one. 
In an interview with the Associated Press, Bullock confided with writer Jake Coyle that she'd become so comfortable hiding from the public after news broke of her now ex-husband's infidelity, she had no foreseeable plans to return to the biz.
"I was perfectly content to be permanently broken," she explained. "I honestly didn't think I was in a place where I wanted to work or wanted to step out of where I was."
With a newly-adopted son in the picture, Bullock was more than motivated to stay out of the spotlight indefinitely, but the lure of working with three-time Oscar-nominated director Stephen Daldry on the 9/11-themed drama Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close seduced her "back on the [acting] horse."
"I wasn't prepared. But the opportunity was louder than my head," she said. "It was hard, but it was what it's supposed to be."
The just-released film seems to have started the ball rolling for Sandra as she has just wrapped Gravity, a space thriller co-starring George Clooney set for release in 2012.