What Daniel Radcliffe Fears the Most

ET hit the red carpet last night for Daniel Radcliffe's new horror-thriller The Woman in Black, his first major film outside of the Harry Potter series, and discovered what Radcliffe is truly afraid of.
"Yellowstone volcano," Radcliffe replied when prompted about what scares him. "Ready to go off any minute…It's overdue and it could happen at any time, and if it does, we're screwed," he elaborated about a volcano in Yellowstone National Park that hasn't erupted in 70,000 years.
"I watch too much Nat Geo," Radcliffe admitted.
On the red carpet as well was Tom Felton, who plays Draco in Harry Potter, to support Radcliffe in his breakout film.
Felton admitted that although he was there to support his friend, he is frightened by horror films like Woman in Black.
"It's very scary," said Radcliffe of his new film. "It's a very beautiful film as well. I think visually it's really striking."
The Woman in Black comes to theaters today.