'The Dictator' Storms the U.K.

Death to the West! Admiral General Aladeen (aka Sacha Baron Cohen) stormed the U.K. for the London premiere of The Dictator, and made a grand entrance on the red carpet in an orange Lamborghini -- atop a slow-moving towing flatbed.
"I am sorry I was late," Aladeen told the crowd. "I was doing some shopping at the British Home Stores, and I got clamped."
Flanked by his usual cadre of beautiful, stone-faced women in crimson berets and khaki miniskirt uniforms, Aladeen flashed a gold pistol at the press and said his movie is, "The story of an innocent dictator who is trying to save his country from the evils of democracy." He added, "You will see me doing sex activity with Megan Fox."
The film's co-star Anna Faris, who just confirmed that she is pregnant, also walked the red carpet along with Cohen's wife, Isla Fisher.
The Dictator opens in theaters May 16.