ET Flashback: Clint Flies 'Firefox' Video Game

Thirty years ago this summer, Clint Eastwood's cold war thriller Firefox soared across the big screen, and Clint himself even tried his hand at the Atari video arcade version of the film's climactic jet-fighter chase. Watch the vintage ET footage!
"We're pleased that our film turned out to be such a good game," said Clint, adding, "Have you rigged this game? I'm playing longer than I've ever played before."
In Firefox, also directed by Clint, the action star must cross enemy lines to steal a state-of-the-art, advanced Russian fighter plane nicknamed Firefox. Invisible to radar, the jet is capable of flying at mach 6 and contains a thought-controlled weapons system.
The companion Atari game allowed players to engage in aerial combat and dogfights with an enemy Firefox prototype. Asked if he was too old to be playing video games, Clint replied, "You're never too old to have a good time."