This 'Gambit' Trailer Has No Pants

There's plenty of naked and half-naked middle-aged men to choose from in the amusing new trailer for Gambit, which features a pantsless Colin Firth going toe-to-toe with a buck-naked Alan Rickman -- and a big-grinnin' Cameron Diaz sporting a Texas twang thrown in for good measure. Watch the trailer!
A remake of the 1966 caper film starring Michael Caine and Shirley MacLaine, the updated version (with a screenplay by The Coen Bros.) finds Colin sporting some Caine-inspired specs as a Brit art curator who decides to get revenge on his abusive boss (Rickman) by conning him into buying a fake Monet. Diaz plays an eccentric and unpredictable American rodeo queen enlisted to pull off the ultimate switcheroo.
Cloris Leachman and Stanley Tucci also star in the film, which is directed by Michael Hoffman (Soapdish, The Last Station) and hits theaters November 21.