Taylor Lautner Talks Life After 'Twilight'

Twihards aren't the only ones mourning the impending conclusion to the Twilight Saga films this November. Star Taylor Lautner tells ET he's "sad" the series will come to an end forever in 2012.
"It'll be really sad when it's finally over," admits Taylor Lautner, who has been with the popular series since it exploded onto screens in 2008.
In the years since, the 20-year-old star has enjoyed worldwide fame playing hunky werewolf Jacob Black, but despite the perks offered with the franchise, Lautner says that, while "strange," he's itching to see what else is out there for him in Hollywood.
He adds, "I'm excited to move on to the next chapter in my life and continue to challenge myself and grow and never stop learning."
Admittedly, Lautner will miss the antics of the series' devoted following. After being virtually mobbed in Rio De Janeiro earlier today, prior to joining ET for a live chat, the superstar spoke about his love for the affectionately named Twihards who made it all possible.
"Whenever we travel it always seems to amaze me and here in Brazil it blew my mind," says Lautner. "The fans are amazing, passionate-- every adjective I can imagine."
Watch the video for more. Breaking Dawn: Part 2 hits theaters November 16.