Kristen Talks 'Mind-Blowing' Vampire Love Scenes

Although Kristen Stewart is no stranger to showing some onscreen affection to her Twilight Saga co-star Robert Pattinson, she admits that this time around, tackling the steamy smooches (and more) as a vampire had her feeling a bit uncertain about her prowess.
"I feel like every single scene in this movie culminates with some kiss of some kind," said Kristen, who goes on to admit to a bout of trepidation about approaching the love scenes as a newly-minted member of the undead.
"You're supposed to have this mind-blowing, inhuman experience," she muses. "How do you do that?"
Well, it seems all that worry paid off. Kristen and Rob's romantic exchanges appear steamier than ever in Breaking Dawn: Part 2, out November 16.
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