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10 Must-See Movies of The Holiday Season

Hyde Park on Hudson


December 01, 2012

Release Date: December 7

The Plot: In 1939, international affairs must be juggled as FDR (played by Bill Murray) readies to host the King and Queen of England (Samuel West and Olivia Colman) for a weekend at the Roosevelt home at Hyde Park on Hudson, marking the first-ever visit of a reigning British monarch to the U.S. As Britain faces the threat of war with Germany, the royals are desperately looking to FDR for America's support. Laura Linney, Olivia Williams, Elizabeth Wilson and Elizabeth Marvel also star.

Why It's a Must-See: Can Bill Murray pull off playing FDR? Seen through the point of view of Franklin's neighbor and intimate Daisy (Linney), this witty observation of customs and manners dwells more in the details of human interaction and FDR's libido, with the pall of war floating more like a fluffy cloud than a looming storm to be reckoned with. The performance by the ladies also seems to steal the thunder in this unofficial timeline companion to The King's Speech.

Watch the Trailer: HERE


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