'Star Trek' Movies: The Best and Worst Moments


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Star Trek: First Contact


April 12, 2013

Why It Rocks: After a slow-moving, less-than stellar introduction to the big-screen with Star Trek: Generations, the Next Generation crew finds their stride fighting the Borg in this taught, fast-moving and highly entertaining entry.

The Plot:
When the Borg attacks Earth and time travels into the past to assimilate the planet, the intrepid Enterprise crew must stop them from preventing the inhabitants of mid-21st Century Earth from initiating First Contact with alien life – the Vulcans.

Best Moment: In addition to the spectacular opening battle scene against the Borg involving pretty much every ship in the Federation, the moment in which Zefram Cochrane (James Cromwell) blasts Steppenwolf's Magic Carpet Ride when he's about to launch into warp speed for the first time in human history is a classic, human touch.

Worst Moment: Things get a little kinky when the sensual Borg Queen (Alice Krige) makes the moves on Data (Brent Spiner), reactivating his emotion chip and telling him that he hasn't "been properly stimulated yet." After blowing goosebumps on his newly grafted skin, she wiles, "Was that good for you?"