How Naomi Watts Understood 'The Impossible'

The Impossible recounts one family's harrowing experience when they were caught in the tsunami that devastated the coast of Phuket, Thailand in 2004, and star Naomi Watts is opening up about how speaking with Maria Belon (the real life woman she portrays) was invaluable to her performance.
"With any role, the more ideas and the more information you can gather together, the greater it is," Watts says in ETonline's exclusive clip from The LA Times' The Envelope Screening Series. "Everything [Maria] said was so articulate and expressive and a reminder of how intense this thing was."
"Talking with Maria, I felt that I was connected to it in a much deeper way had I just been doing research on YouTube. It made me never forget the power of that story."
And you'll never forget the power of The Impossible once it opens, nationwide, on December 21.
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