Jennifer Lawrence Talks Her 'End' - Exclusive

Given the sprawling cast, massive sets and otherworldly aesthetic, every element of The Hunger Games had to be meticulously planned and plotted. So for star Jennifer Lawrence, getting to play it a little more fast and loose on House at the End of the Street was just one of the appeals. That other?
"I love horror movies," Lawrence enthuses in ETonline's exclusive clip off the upcoming DVD. "There's a lot more thinking on your feet. If you have a big scene with another actor, I can always go over it and rehearse it. But how in the world are you going to rehearse running up stairs screaming and crawling on the floor?"
To find out how the Oscar-nominated actress prepared to play Elissa, a young woman who falls for a mysterious man with a dangerous past, click play!
House at the End of the Street hits DVD on January 8, click here to pre-order!