A. Skars is Totally Unrecognizable in 'The East'

Alexander Skarsgard's new movie, The East, was unveiled this weekend at The Sundance Film Festival, and now a bracing new trailer for the drama has been unleashed upon the world.
In the politically charged drama, the nearly unrecognizable True Blood star plays Benji, a founding member of an eco-anarchist group, called The East, that aims to punish those who pollute the earth. But don't you dare call him the leader.
"It's very important to Benji that he is not the leader," Skarsgard told EW. "There's no leader. They discuss everything. It's very decentralized, it's a collective."
Also fueling that hive mind is Ellen Page's character, who she describes as "a very intense eco-anarchist [who] believes in people taking responsibly for their destruction and death and sickness they're putting on the planet." Page says that she related to her character on a ethical level, adding, "In our world, we don't hold those people accountable. I can understand [her] frustration."
Click here to watch a trailer for The East, in theaters later this year.