Renner's Co-Star Surprised by His Personality

Jeremy Renner and Gemma Arterton team up as the title characters in the new adventure film Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, which takes a new spin on a classic fairytale. In line with his recent Bourne role and his typecast bravado role, Renner takes on another audacious character in the new film. However, his co-star reveals that he is surprisingly not the man that his on-screen characters are.
"He's so generous and considerate and very openhearted--very, very surprisingly so," said Arterton, who plays "Gretel" in the film. "We see him in his movies as so blokey--he's such a man and quite closed--but in real life, he was so generous with me and tender. I think you see that in the film.
"As much as we have this boisterous brother-sister relationship, there's this real care for each other as well. I was very lucky to have him as my co-star."
Amid Arterton's flattering comments towards her co-star, Renner had high remarks for her as well, mentioning their immediate acting chemistry together.
"She's amazing," he said at the film's Los Angles premiere. "It was a big search to try to find a gal that could be brother and sister [with me] and have that connection, and we had that pretty quickly."
The original fairy tale of Hansel and Gretel focuses on a young brother and sister and their journeys in the forest with a wicked, cannibalistic witch. Witch Hunters attempts to pick up where the story leaves off with a new twist, which Renner cited as the reason he became involved in the project.
"We had the freedom to do whatever we wanted because the children are grown-ups and they have all of these horrible experiences in the past, so we could have this fun with making them badass and have a sense a humor and they have issues," Arterton said about the film's action-comedy twist.
"The best thing was working with Jeremy and creating this brother-sister duo. That was really the heart of it and the most important thing for us and the most fun."
The film's comedic twist is rooted in its producers, as Will Ferrell and Step Brothers filmmaker Adam McKay are co-producers on the film.
"Not to say what's on the poster, but it is actually a new twist. I found it very amusing," said Stephanie Corneliussen. "There's a lot of humor in the movie, which...I don't think that's what you expect when you go in. ...You expect to see an action [film]...and then you watch it and it's incredibly warm and it's incredibly funny."
Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters is now in theaters.