Exclusive Clip: Kristin Chenoweth Held Hostage

Parenting can be very rewarding, but it certainly isn't such for Kristin Chenoweth's character in her film Family Weekend when she is held hostage by her own children. ETonline has your exclusive sneak peek.
The film, which features Matthew Modine as Chenoweth's husband, revolves around a 16-year-old girl (Olesya Rulin) who becomes so frustrated with her parents' lack of proper assistance and support that she decides to bring it upon herself to actualize change in their home.
As we see in the featured clip, the girl, with the help of her siblings, takes her parents hostage by tying them up to desk chairs. Chenoweth's character, unsurprisingly not pleased with being bonded to a chair, then attempts to sway her daughter to release them.
"You're father and I have been talking, and we need a new approach," she tells her daughter with a faux smile. "We are starting to see some of your frustrations. I know this sounds crazy, but we both think that we could do a better job at parenting this family."
Her daughter doesn't buy her bluff in the slightest, which quickly wipes the smile off Chenoweth's character's face.
Chenoweth, who recently starred in the action comedy Hit and Run, is set to co-host the Oscars pre-show this Sunday alongside Good Morning America's Robin Roberts and Lara Spencer.
Family Weekend is available on VOD beginning February 28 and will be in theaters March 29.