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'Edge of Tomorrow'

Description: In Edge of Tomorrow, Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt play soldiers fighting an invading race of deadly aliens who are going to destroy all mankind. However, Cruise is stuck in what appears to be a time loop, and every time he dies, he wakes up again the day before. Slowly, he becomes a better and more skilled killer, trained by Blunt, who was previously stuck in the same situation.

In these new posters for the hotly anticipated sci-fi, we get the best look yet at Cruise and Blunt in their super cool super futuristic alien-bashing battle suits. Decked out with what look like cannons on his arm, Cruise looks like he's ready to blast some alien baddies back up into space.

Release Date: June 6, 2014.

Click through to see Emily Blunt in her hardcore battle gear...

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