Exclusive: Posey Has 'a Word From Our Sponsor'

What happens when a high-powered ad exec wakes up one day with the ability to speak only in marketing slogans? Thus is the wild plot of And Now a Word From Our Sponsor
Starring Bruce Greenwood as the impaired CEO (Adan Kundle), Now a Word follows Kundle after that life-altering day as his seemingly meaningless sound bites wind up having a life-changing effect on everyone he meets.
Directed by newcomer Zack Bernbaum, the film also stars Parker Posey, Callum Blue, and Allie MacDonald.
Click the video above for an exclusive first look at a scene from the film!
Now a Word is scheduled for a Video on Demand release date of May 6 via GoDigital.com, and is set to premiere in theaters May 10.