'The Hangover' Trivia Quiz

by David Weiner     14:08 PM PDT, May 22, 2013

How well do you know your 'Hangover'? 'It all ends' on May 24 when 'The Hangover Part III' hits theaters everywhere, and in the meantime we've got a fun and simple quiz to jog your memory – something the guys seriously needed after their drug-filled benders in the first two films.

The events of 'The Hangover Part III' return the gang to where it all began – Las Vegas.
  • True   
  • False   
Right before 'The Hangover' made him a star, Bradley Cooper played a loopy actor on what TV show?
  • Mad Men   
  • Nip/Tuck   
  • Deadwood   
  • Sin City Vice   
Before 'The Hangover' trilogy, Justin Bartha was involved in which action movie franchise?
  • 'Die Hard' with Bruce Willis   
  • 'Lethal Weapon' with Mel Gibson   
  • 'Fast & Furious' with Vin Diesel   
  • 'National Treasure' with Nic Cage   
In 'The Hangover,' the guys wake up to find what random surprises in their Vegas hotel suite?
  • Mike Tyson and Phil Collins   
  • A naked Asian man and a Kimodo Dragon   
  • A transvestite, a priest and Wayne Newton   
  • A baby and a Bengal tiger   
In 'The Hangover Part II,' Stu (Ed Helms) wakes up after their crazy night with what on his face?
  • Spiked piercings in his nose   
  • Egg – lots of egg   
  • Blood. Someone else's blood   
  • A Mike Tyson-styled tribal tattoo   
In between gigs, Zach Galifianakis has a running comedy interview show on Funny or Die called what?
  • Face to Face   
  • Mouth to Mouth   
  • In Your Face   
  • Between Two Ferns   
Before Ken Jeong, aka Mr. Chow, broke out with 'The Hangover' movies, what was his non-comedy profession?
  • Doctor   
  • Lawyer   
  • Accountant   
  • Grave Digger   
In what exotic location do the events of 'The Hangover Part II' take place?
  • Cambodia   
  • Hong Kong   
  • Thailand   
  • Kuala Lumpur   
What celebrity sings at Stu's wedding at the end of 'The Hangover Part II'?
  • Keith Richards, singing 'Kung Fu Fighting'   
  • American Idol star William Hung, ruining 'She Bangs'   
  • Eminem drops in to rap 'Rock Bottom'   
  • Mike Tyson, crooning 'One Night in Bangkok' off-key   

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