McCarthy, Bullock Talk 'Heat' Bar Scene Improv

As the release of their film The Heat nears, Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock reveal behind-the-scenes information to ET about joining comedic forces for the film.
"Detective Sharon Mullins" (McCarthy) and "Special Agent Sarah Ashburn" (Bullock) don't get on well at the beginning of their rapport, but once they do, they become like kin.
Like any pair of close friends, Sharon and Sarah go out for a night on the town together and engage in some debauchery in a bar. The two reveal that the bar scene was mainly improvised, as the script included few details for it.
"There was no script for that bar scene," Bullock discloses of the scene. "It said, 'They get drunk and dance.'"
While there was little direction for their characters in the bar scene, plenty of bumps and bruises for their characters were written into the script for their characters. They joke that the writers intentionally wanted to make them suffer.
Watch the full video above to hear what the two have to say about wearing Spanx in the film.
The Heat comes to theaters June 28.