Catherine Zeta-Jones 'Desperately' Missing Family

Usually arm-in-arm with husband Michael Douglas, actress Catherine Zeta-Jones attended the Los Angeles premiere of her film RED 2 solo on Thursday night and expressed how much she's missing him and her children.
"Michael's doing a movie on the East Coast with Diane Keaton, so he's working," Zeta-Jones explained of his absence.
Douglas is currently filming the romantic comedy And So It Goes in Connecticut and will later film in California and England as well.
Zeta-Jones' spouse isn't the only one missing from her nucleus, as her children are also temporarily away as well.
"My children are actually at sleep-away camp, so I'm missing them desperately," she revealed of her two children, ages 10 and 12.
Fortunately for the 43-year-old Welsh actress, she has not only the press activities for RED 2 to keep her busy but also a hobby that will keep her occupied in the void of her family members' absence.
"I knit," Zeta-Jones divulged, "...It's been a [lifelong] passion. I actually went to my favorite store here [La Knitterie Parisienne] yesterday in L.A. with my friend Edith, so I've got like about seven projects to take me through the summer."
Check out the video above for more from the Los Angeles premiere of RED 2, in theaters July 19.