Zachary Levi Talks 'Thor 2,' 'GoT' Obsession

A game Zachary Levi sat down with ET at Comic-Com in San Diego, Calif. to talk about everything from his exciting new role in Thor: The Dark World (Thor 2), what he's currently geeking out over and why Game of Thrones has totally "destroyed" him!
"[Filming Thor 2 was] amazing," Levi says. "I grew up a big comic book fan. There's a certain amount of bucket list things in my life as an actor -- one of those things being a comic book movie -- and I get to check that off and I got to work with incredibly talented people like that cast."
But one downside he was able to find about his experience filming the epic movie?
The weather!
"We shot in London, so I got to live in London for five months, and, you know, the weather could be a little better," he laughs. "But, it was still amazing. And I was there for the Olympics, and that was insane. It was really a kind of magical experience."
As for what he's currently nerding out over, Levi admits its none other than HBO's Game of Thrones.
"Well, I'm a giant Game of Thrones fan -- the last couple episodes of that show just destroyed my spirits," he admits. "I was messed up for a week, honestly. It was insane, I couldn't believe how much a show had just like ... not since Lost have I followed a show that passionately and personally."
Check out the video to hear him explain why there was no Thor 2 panel at Comic-Con this year, and also his experience putting together Nerd HQ -- a huge gathering for celebs and fans during Comic-Con hosted at a separate venue, with proceeds going to Operation Smile.