Vanessa Hudgens Talks 'Frozen Ground' Pole Dance

by ETonline Staff 7:05 PM PDT, July 31, 2013
Playing Vanessa Hudgens Talks 'Frozen Ground' Pole Dance

Vanessa Hudgens raised many eyebrows last year when the first trailer for The Frozen Ground was released, showing her as a stripper. Now the former Disney darling is opening up to ET about the movie and her pole-dancing scene.

"I was very very nervous about the pole-dance scene," Hudgens admitted. "Obviously that's something that would be a terrifying thing to do in front of a camera and men on the sides of me that I don't know."

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In The Frozen Ground, Hudgens' character, Cindy, gets pulled back into a murderous world when a detective, played by Nicolas Cage, enlists her help in stopping the serial killer who tried to hold her captive.

Hudgens' Oscar-winning co-star had high praise for her performance, saying, "I'm blown away by Vanessa in this movie ... This is a powerful, emotional, deep performance, and I think it's just great that people get to see that she has that ability."

The Frozen Ground, also starring John Cusack, hits theaters and VOD on August 23.