Hollywood Legend Ron Howard's Backstory


September 15, 2013

Through the decades, Ron Howard has become a staple in Hollywood on camera and behind the camera. In advance of the release of another of his films, let's take a look back at his career.

Although primarily a director now, Howard began his career as an actor when he was a mere six years old as "Opie Taylor" on The Andy Griffith Show.

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He'd eventually go on to appear on the show for over 200 episodes through eight years. Howard then went on to star in the popular sitcom Happy Days for six years.

After many acting endeavors, he worked his way into directing in his mid-20s and has directed a handful of acclaimed films, including A Beautiful Mind, for which he won the Oscars for Best Picture and Best Director.

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Check out the clip above for more on Howard's backstory. His latest film, Rush, is in theaters September 27.

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