Statham Shows His Softer Side in 'Redemption'

Though audiences are used to seeing Jason Statham in the tough, no-nonsense action roles he's known for playing, the 46-year old actor shows his much softer side in this exclusive clip from Redemption's Blu-Ray/DVD, which sees his character Joey -- an emotionally damaged ex-special forces soldier -- unexpectedly bonding with a nun, Sister Cristina (Agata Buzek).
In the Steven Knight film, Joey assumes another man's identity while navigating London's criminal underworld, and turns into a sort of Robin Hood in the process -- while he helps noble causes, it isn't always in the most legal ways.
"On the face of it, he's done bad things, and he's probably still doing bad things -- but he comes out of that, and he starts to do good things," Statham explains. "Maybe for the wrong reasons in some people's eyes, but for him, it's a pure reason of goodness. And I think there's a real heart to where he's being driven."
Check out the video to hear Buzek explain how their characters begin to get close.
Redemption arrives on Blu-ray Disc, DVD and Digital Download on Tuesday, September 24 from Lionsgate Home Entertainment.