Watts Shines as 'Diana' in New Princess Biopic

Naomi Watts is taking on the role of beloved English royal Princess Diana, and in this new trailer we see the curtain being pulled back, revealing the secrets swirling around Diana during the final years of her life.
Passionate about her charities and benefits by day, while having a steamy passion for a Pakistani heart surgeon by night, Diana tells the tale of a young, intelligent woman who led dual lives while under the microscope of the media.
Watts looks amazing as the beautiful and elegant Princess Diana, managing to pull off the grace and acumen that made her a favorite of the people, while still capturing her allure and mystic that made her an unfortunate favorite of the paparazzi.
Diana was directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel and was written by screenwriter Stephen Jeffreys, who adapted the story from Kate Snell's 2001 book Diana: Her Last Love.
Diana is set to hit theaters November 1.