Yoda's Deathbed: More 'Star Wars' Outtakes!

Photo: YouTube
Update: A Facebook user has posted new LaserDisc footage featuring seven solid minutes of sad and dying Yoda scene work from Return of the Jedi. It kicks in after about a minute of total silence.
You can watch the video above as long as it stays online.

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Mark Hamill may have been a compelling Skywalker, but in a newly surfaced vintage Star Wars blooper real, we find the young Padawan struggling with his space jargon!
Watch as the actor has trouble with the word "supernova," which Luke had to deliver for the scene. The video also contains classic Star Wars footage, as well as greats like Harrison Ford and Sir Alec Guinness messing up their lines.
Note that much of the video is without audio, but it still makes for a fun little Easter egg for Star Wars super fans who want to see Harrison Ford eat a microphone.