Movie Quiz: Silver Fox Edition

by ETonline Staff     16:00 PM PDT, October 30, 2013

Harrison Ford's 'Ender's Game' goes up against 'Last Vegas' this weekend at the box office, and in celebration we're testing your knowledge of the legendary stars of both films!

Which of the five men pictured here have starred in a film together before 'Last Vegas'?
  • Douglas & Freeman   
  • Ford & De Niro   
  • Kline & Douglas   
  • None of them had worked with each other before!   
Harrison Ford shot to fame as Han Solo in 'Star Wars,' but the role originally wasn't his. What changed director George Lucas' mind?
  • Ford bought Lucas a '57 Chevy   
  • Ford impressed by reading lines for other actors during casting   
  • Ford gave Lucas great dating advice   
  • Ford said the 'Star Wars' script needed a major rewrite   
Morgan Freeman has played God, the president and Nelson Mandela. What role has he not portrayed?
  • A convict   
  • A pimp   
  • An alien   
  • A Moor   
Kevin Kline won a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his role in which film?
  • A Fish Called Wanda   
  • Sophie's Choice   
  • In & Out   
  • The Ice Storm   
Robert De Niro steps back into the ring for 'Grudge Match' this season. Which real-life boxer did he portray in Raging Bull?
  • Muhammad Ali   
  • Rocky Marciano   
  • Jake LaMotta   
  • Jack Dempsey   
Michael Douglas starred as an Indiana Jones-style character in 'Romancing the Stone.' What was the sequel called?
  • 'The Jewel of the Nile'   
  • 'Romancing the Diamond'   
  • 'Jack Colton Returns'   
  • There was no sequel   

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