5 Things You Don't Know About Oscar Isaac

Getty Images
He starred opposite Ryan Goslilng in the 2011 crime drama Drive and takes the lead in the upcoming Coen Bros' musical-drama Inside Llewyn Davis. Here are five things you probably don't know about Oscar Isaac.
1. Born Oscar Isaac Hernandez on January 5, 1980 in Guatemala -- his mother was Guatemalan and his father Cuban.
2. Started putting on plays with his sister in their family's backyard when he was just 4 years old.
3. Was raised in Miami, FL and while there, played lead guitar and sang vocals for a punk/ska band called The Blinking Underdogs.
4. Graduated from the prestigious Juilliard School in 2005. 
5. His first major film role was portraying Joseph opposite Keisha Castle-Hughes in the 2006 family film The Nativity Story.